Tuesday, September 20, 2005

This is the start of something that has been a long time coming.

You see, I have always been somewhat opinionated. My nickname in junior high was "psycho bitch." So, naturally, blogging could be considered my ultimate calling.

In this space, I plan to explore the parts of politics that intersect my life. This means that there will be alot of discussion of feminism, and motherhood in particular. If you aren't a woman, you are still welcome to discuss these issues. But please remember to be respectful of the fact that those of us for whom these are not academic discussions may have a bit more authority here.

I am also a practicing Pagan. Freedom of religion and freedom from religion are also large issues for me, particularly in context of my son. If you think that all pagans are mentally damaged, or are evil, or you just want to tell me that I am going to Hell: Please go away. Your comments will be excised quickly. If you disagree with me but have insightful comments that you can state politely, by all means stick around.

Most of all, this is a safe-space. Using any kind of -ist language is not acceptable.

With that in mind, on to the future!

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